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Regional Vice Presidents (RVP's): CCHS has a network of Regional Vice President to identify and empower new member leaders, utilize members and volunteers to help enhance the Representative Region, and to facilitate communication between members and the CCHS leadership. See the Regional Vice President page for more details (and full listing and email addresses of current regional representatives).

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Yes. That came up previously. What I need now is the ability to fill that this in for all our regions. Thanks. Michael Otten

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A good reason to JOIN CCHS:
“This bright-looking sophomore came up after a lecture and said she’d never realized the 13 Colonies were all on the East Coast. We’ve been raising generations of young Americans who are, by and large, historically illiterate.” —Historian David McCullough

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You might call Mary Lou the voice of history, particularly when it came to the CCHS as well as in Cupertino and Santa Clara County. She made sure her students in her Cupertino High School history classes for three decades and again in her adult education history classes how fantastic the real history of California is. In her adult classes she would often persuade students to join her at one of the CCHS symposiums and its historic adventures. She wrote two pamphlets about pioneering women in the Santa Clara Valley. Mary Lou Lyon regularly corrected speakers who called themselves authors and historians and made a mistake during their presentation. She compiled the best history of the beginnings of the Conference. In her last years Mary Lou was working on a book about the success of the 1844 Stephens-Townsend-Murphy wagon train party and how most of its members rose to prominence in California history. In short, Mary Lou was tough as they come.

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Please post feedback. It helps with future meetings and events and an improved future.

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Q: What speakers/topics are you interested in seeing at the Annual Conference?
A: Now that we have moved the location to Claremont I think it would be a good time to continue the dialogue on the Spanish Mission impact and the Indians. Curious as to whether it was the so-called Serrano (highlander) to the East or the Tonqua Indians that populated area to the East or both in the area. Most of California’s human history is measured in hundreds of years yet we know it had been peopled for thousands of year with a diversity of languages and culture as well. A focus on Indian gaming might also be in order with its history and how it is enabling some tribes to try and recreate their languages and their culture. The responsibilities of board members might also be a good topic

Call for Speakers: Annual Conference Survey 2016

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Do you know of any speakers who would make the CCHS Annual Conference even better? Do you have an ideas on subjects we should cover? Are you interested in becoming a volunteer at Conference?

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What happened to the gift membership form?

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This registration is for myself and spouse, Jean Lee Bullock, jbullock@wavecable.com Dinner choices: Salmon with champagne sauce, New York strip. Not sure what total is. Please let me know if both registered.

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Auburn Joss House Musem just made a donation to Conference of California Historical Societies www.shanghaiauburn.com

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“It is deeply satisfying to win a prize in front of a lot of people.”—E. B. White in Charlotte’s Web
This is something we see every year at the annual CCHS meeting when we pause to honor our hard workers in the history field. Consider this a friendly reminder to nominate those worthy individuals. Now is the time to work on those nominations in order to meet the Feb. 15, 2016, deadline. Details under “awards” in the “About” dropdown box above.

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Michael Otten
1st VP, CCHS, RVP Region 8 (Placer, Nevada, Sutter, Sierra & Yuba Counties)