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CCHS has scheduled a tour for us after hearing from a number of members that the International Printing Museum would make for an enjoyable destination. Great idea! Thank you.

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This is an opportunity for both members and nonmembers to receive Oral History training from an expert in this field. We will cover the interview process, legal issues of ownership, forms, field notes, preparations and storage. Attendees will be provided with a full set of handouts which will benefit any organization or individual who may want to record oral histories of their families or members of their historical group.

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Every workshop I have attended through CCHS has given me valuable training for running local historical societies and small museums. By learning how to engage the public in our operations, we can grow attract new members. It is so energizing to meet members from other historical societies, and be inspired! I am looking forward to attending the Annual Meeting.

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I attended the March workshop in City of Industry and several of these topics were addressed. The notes from the speakers are posted in the Knowledge Base area, including some very useful diagrams. The sections on Embracing Millennials and Community Partnerships were both very informative, and addressed some of these concerns about the next generation and working together for groups who can benefit on presenting shared events. The segment presented by Ben Wirick on communicating to individuals who are at different levels of involvement will be very helpful in attracting and retaining members. I’m looking forward to the June meeting, and am truly appreciative of CCHS and the educational opportunities that you present to the members.

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CCHS events are always worthwhile to attend. The subjects covered were areas that will benefit historical societies and museums. Thank you to the speakers for sharing your knowledge and answering questions. I learned something from each one of you that will be useful for our groups. I’m already making plans to meet up at the Annual Meeting in June!

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I find that the information I receive from CCHS on best practices for organizations helps me to be a viable member of the historical societies I belong to. When decisions are based upon knowledge, and not the “we have always done it this way” mentality, success is more easily achieved. Understanding why individuals volunteer, and what drives them will help with volunteer recruitment and retention. Thank you very much for this article.

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Hi Tessa, Lifetime membership is located through the Individuals tab.

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I recently attend the CCHS RVP training in Claremont, CA, with a group of dedicated individuals. It was a terrific experience and I am looking forward to meeting member groups in my assigned region and sharing with them how rewarding it has been to be involved with CCHS. Thank you Cim!

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It’s not too late to sign up for the Museum Studies courses. The initial class on Museums 101 is scheduled to start in February.

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